Korean Date Challenge

Korean Date Challenge

For this challenge, you need to create at least 15 sets (it could be more if you want) describing your perfect date (of course with a Korean boy)
What about going to the norebang? or maybe to the Han River in the night? It's all up to you!
When you finish the challenge Put all of your sets in a collection and PM me Then you'll be added to our hall of fame ^^
..........................................WALL OF FAME...................................
Follow the guideline:
Moderator Collection:
January Events:
1. Watching the Fireworks together in New Year
2. Watching your favorite K-drama together
3. Shopping for clothes for him
4. Cooking his favorite meal
5. Doing something you like but he hates
6. Redecorating together
7. Taking care of him when he’s sick
8. Talking on skype all night
9. Playing videogames
10. Playing minigolf
11. Learning languages together
12. Babysitting together
13. Going on a double date
14. Going on a blind date
15. Going to the airport together
..........................................WALL OF FAME...................................
@chomiczynka (30/01/2013)

Moderator Collection:
February Events:
1. Celebrating the Lunar New Year
2. Ice skating
3. Kiss under the rain
4. Baking a cake together
5. Attending a birthday party
6. Going to a concert together
7. Celebrating Valentine's Day
8. Introducing him to your friends
9. Sushi date
10. Getting matching outfits
11. Taking care of a puppy
12. Riding a carousel
13. Cuddling with a cup of hot chocolate
14. Karaoke date
15. Running errands together
..........................................WALL OF FAME...................................

----------------> THE SPRING SPECIAL (APRIL/MAY)
Moderator Collection:
Spring Events:
1. Planning a date for someone else
2. Date with your newest crush
3. Spring cleaning together
4. Picnic date /so creative xD/
5. Attending a cherry blossom festival together
6. Decorating easter eggs
7. Date with a younger boy
8. Date with a member of BTOB /Maybe this will help you choosing
9. Date with a member of CN Blue
10. Biking together
11. Outdoor Cafe Date
12. Zoo Date
13. Meeting his friends
14. Go paddle boating
15. White Date (pick a white outfit)


--------------------> THE SUMMER SPECIAL (JUNE-AUGUST)
Moderator Collection:
Summer Events:
1. Road trip together
2. Attending a summer music festival
3. Going to the beach together -yeah, so creative-
4. Supporting your favorite team in the World Cup
5. Drive-in movies date
6. Have a BBQ party with your (your and his) friends
7. Go rollerblading together
8. Going for an ice cream on a hot day
9. Letting him cook for you
10. Going to an aquarium
11. Brunch with your family
12. Stargazing together
13. Vintage shopping with him
14. Go camping
15. Flying a kite in a park.

If you have any questions just pm-me

20 Korean Guys Challenge

20 Korean Guys Challenge

Welcome everyone!!!
If you joined this group that means you love Korea... and if you love Korea... you also love Korean guys! who can't like them?
So here's a challenge for all Korean lovers, you can use any Korean guy (actor, singer, ulzzang...)
After you complete the list, please create a collection titled, "20 Korean guys challenge," PM one of the moderators with the link and we'll put you on the hall of fame.
Here are the list to fill:

1. The Korean guy who was your first crush
2. The Korean guy who's your current Nº 1 obsession
3. The Korean guy you used to dislike but now love
4. The Korean guy you would like to perform on a stage with
5. The Korean guy you would like to star a drama with you
6. The Korean guy you would like to sing you a song
7. The Korean guy you would take with you for shopping
8. The Korean guy you would like to go party with
9. The Korean guy you would take with you for a long trip
10. The Korean guy you would like to go to amusement park with
11. The Korean guy you would like to teach you something
12. The Korean guy you would take to a movie premier where you’re starring
13. The Korean guy you would like to be your work-mate
14. The Korean guy you would like to have as neighbor
15. The Korean guy who’d date your sister/best friend
16. The Korean guy who would be your brother
17. The Korean guy who would be your best friend
18. The Korean guy you would like to have as boyfriend
19. The Korean guy who would break your heart
20. The Korean guy who would be your husband

1. The Korean guy who would be your classmate
2. The Korean guy you would ask for love’s advice
3. The Korean guy you’d like to take to a concert with you
4. The Korean guy whose outfits you’d like to style.
5. The Korean guy you’d like to be the best man in your wedding
6. The Korean guy you would take to visit your city
7. The Korean guy you’d like to teach something.
8. The Korean guy whose hair you love the most
9. The Korean guy you would like to study with for an upcoming exam.
10. The Korean guy with whom you would like to go to the movies
11. The Korean guy who’d comfort you if you’re crying.
12. The Korean guy you’d go to the beach with
13. The Korean guy who would be your dance partner.
14. The Korean guy you’d play pranks to.
15. The Korean guy you’d take with you to an end of the year’s party.
16. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to make a parody of your favorite drama.
17. The Korean guy you want to sing you a lullaby
18. The Korean guy you’d like to cook for you
19. The Korean guy whose manager you would like to become.
20. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be partnered for WGM

1. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be "parent" of a baby in Hello Baby
2. The Korean guy with whom you would have liked to appear on Mnet Scandal
3. The Korean guy who surprised you with his unusual skills
4. The Korean guy whose room you would like to visit
5. The Korean guy you would invite to a slumber party.
6. The Korean guy you’d like to have as physical trainer
7. The Korean guy you’d take with you to a sport’s event.
8. The Korean guy whose clothes you would like to wear.
9. The Korean guy you’d take with you to a fashion show.
10. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be left alone in an island.
11. The Korean guy who would teach you how to drive.
12. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to spend Christmas Eve
13. The Korean guy you would take to a picnic in a summer day.
14. The Korean guy you’d take to a walk during an autumn evening.
15. The Korean guy with whom you would like to go hiking in the mountains
16. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to spend your birthday day.
17. The Korean guy to whom you’d like to set up blind dates.
18. The Korean guy with whom you’d stay talking by telephone until late at night.
19. The Korean guy you’d take to a norebang with you.
20. The Korean guy you would like to fight for your love.

1. The Korean guy with whom you’d parody a girl group song.
2. The Korean guy who is the closest to your ideal type.
3. The Korean guy who has the cutest smile.
4. The Korean guy you’d like to have as roommate
5. The Korean guy whose sense of humor you love the most
6. The Korean guy whose body you admire the most
7. The Korean guy you’d take to a walk around Paris
8. The Korean guy you’d take with you to Disney
9. The Korean guy you want to see in real life the most
10. The Korean guy you think has the best fashion sense
11. The Korean guy who reminds you to your first love
12. The Korean guy you’d like to travel with around Japan
13. The Korean guy you’d like to have a romantic dinner with
14. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to appear on a CF
15. The Korean guy with you’d like to appear with in a fashion photoshoot
16. The Korean guy you like the most with blond hair
17. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to be paired up for a MV
18. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to have a radio program
19. The Korean guy with whom you’d like to visit Namsan Tower
20. The Korean guy you’d take with you to Hawaii

*******************MODERATOR'S COLLECTIONS************
*Part 1 (20/09/2011):
*Part 2 (10/11/2011):
-Part 1 (04/09/2011):
-Part 2 (01/05/2013):
-Part 4 (27/12/2013):

************************************WALL OF FAME*********************************
----> PART 1
*juztnaa (17/07/2011):
*Chomiczynka (30/07/2011):
*eridaniaa141 (04/08/2011):
*dinoburger (20/08/2011):
*nyamnyam (22/08/2011):
*dragongirl142 (05/09/2011):
*nettanetto (14/09/2011):
*xxsapphirexskyesx (18/097/2011):
*sharita (27/09/2011):
*sparsile (29/09/2011):
*fashionableflower (01/10/2011):
*xxzabrinaxx (13/10/2011):
*j0ydazinck (17-10-2010):
*imaginasian (29/11/2011):
*kittykatheheart (24/12/2011):
*xeiforevergirl (24/12/2011):
*m-i-s-s-y (24/12/2011):
*izzyafeef (25/12/2011):
*mirmin (26/12/2011):
*aki-chan (30/12/2011):
*relovelle (29/01/2012):
*peachgirl (11/03/2012):
*jongkey (18/08/2012):
*xxabckrdxx (18/08/2012):
*danmbappa (09/11/2012):
*fruitmachine (08/12/2012):
*josi-heart (26/12/2012): //
*shawolyeazmin (23/01/2013):
*cyisteria (25/01/2013):
*ukisskissme (27/01/2013):
*nicole-chan-carmen (09/02/2013):
*taemins-babygurl (11/02/2013):
*kishymanjuntak (28/03/2013):
*ioreth (03/05/2013):
*theamazingkissme (14/07/2013):
*hibatchitheatre (27/07/2013):
*katerinasalvatore (12/2013):

----> PART 2
-chomiczynka (31/08/2011):
-juztnaa (31/08/2011):
-nyamnyam (14/09/2011):
-nettanetto (26/09/2011):
-dragongirl142 (16/10/2011):
-sharita (21/10/2011):
-kittykatheheart (27/12/2011):
-xeiforevergirl (27/12/2011):
-m-i-s-s-y (27/11/2011):
-izzyafeef (27/12/2011):
-mirmin (07/01/2012):
-hellounicorn (17-02-2012):
-jongkey (28/08/2012):
-taemins-babygurl (01/04/2013):
-josi-heart (16/062013):
-fruitmachine (28/06/2013):

----> PART 3
nettanetto (23/10/2011):
sharita (24/10/2011):
chomiczynka (24/11/2011):
izzyafeef (30/12/2011):
m-i-s-s-y (03/01/2012):
kittykatheheart (07/01/2012):
dragongirl142 (25/01/2012):
fruitmachine (31/12/2013):

----> PART 4
-fatimakang (18/06/2013):

If you have any doubt, don't hesitate on contacting the moderators ^_^
Thanks and have fun with this challenge!



“Vogue Girl launched in 2002 and pioneered a new era for young monthly fashion magazines in Korea. Targeting college students and career women, Vogue Girl has quickly established itself as the must-read magazine in Korea.”
The city where modern and traditional blends seamlessly, the new fashion capital of Asia, a vibrant city where no one stops. The South Korean capital, Seoul, is everything you might dream and even more: a fashionable, trendy and exciting place where you’ll make your dreams come true.
Conde Nast Publications is recruiting young, promising talents from all over the world for their branch “Vogue Girl Korea”.
Vogue Girl is the trendiest magazine in Korea, well known for the creative and unique fashion spreads that feature the hottest celebrities of the moment. From international top models to the most popular Korean superstars, Vogue Girl is the magazine everyone wants to appear on and now you can be part of it.
Fashion week, front row seats, interviewing the hottest stars, lavish parties and the chance to hobnob with the best of the best of the fashion world. What are you waiting to join one of the most promising fashion magazines of the world?
If you aspire to become part of the elite of the fashion industry, this is the place where you can make it happen. We're seeking journalists, fashion photographers, web designers, writers, stylists, executives…
I won’t come up with a lot of info because I don’t want to bore you nor limit your ideas so just be free to create any character you like :)
- Don’t use site models. Any model, actor and singer is welcomed but try to avoid 1D, Disney actors and the alike.
- You can audition for any position in the company, from executive high positions to interns; just remember that no one likes a “perfect” character. That’s just not possible and becomes really boring after a while.
- You don’t need to know much about Korea for this RP and ideally your main character shouldn’t be Korean (You can choose a Korean or Asian girl if you want to, though) but remember that this RP takes place in Korea so at least one of your secondary characters must be Korean.
- I won’t ask you to make sets every day but at least one set per week. Keep active the group ☺
• Collaborate with others and keep the RP fun, no one likes drama outside the stories.

♕ THE PEOPLE OF VOGUE (former unplayable characters)
➤CURRENT STAFF (Unplayable characters)

(Current Characters)
➤THE CHARACTERS AND THEIR CONNECTIONS (family/friends/love interests)


-February events:
-March events:


Check this article out if you have some doubts about how Vogue Girl Korea looks like:
I’m terrible at explaining stuff so you’ll find a lot of important info there (magazine’s structure and usual features.


Face Claim:
Position and Department:
Family and Relationships:

EXTRA -optional-
-It'd also be useful to detail what your character's relationship with the people at Vogue -the unplayables- is like just for future references for collaborations ^_^
Blake Lively, Jakob Hybholt, Lily Collins, EXO's D.O.- Chanyeol-Sehun, Ed Westwick, SHINee's Jonghyun, Key and Minho, Kim Hee Sun, Baek Jin Hee, Nana (After School), Cha Seungwon, Hyeongseop Park, Diane Kruger, Choi Jiwoo, Magdalena Frackowiak, Seo Kang Jun, Emma Watson, Park Hyungsik, Rap Monster (BTS), Alfred Enoch, Logan Lerman, Shay Mitchell

Please tag me in your audition once it is completed.
Here's a useful page where you can find pictures of various Korean celebrities (models, actors/actresses, members of girl/boy groups)
Also, if you need a quick guide about Korean music, dramas, fashion and general entertainment you can check these links or directly ask me anything, just PM-me
Korean popular music:
Korean dramas:
Korean fashion:


Elite High School ✪

Elite High School ✪

"If you want to find a gathering of the world’s elite, there’s no better place to look than the village of Rolle, Switzerland. Drive along the coast of Lake Geneva, turn south among the picturesque vineyards and farms, and you will come to a discreet driveway nestled among the chestnut trees. It leads to an old chateau surrounded by a cluster of newer buildings.
Here you will find an illustrious gathering. The names speak of the great private fortunes from around the world: Persian Gulf oil money, Greek shipping lords, Italian textile billionaires, Spanish banking families, American tobacco magnates, Korean industrial tycoons, Hong Kong real estate moguls, just name it.
And no, this is not a business conference. The people gathered in this corner of Switzerland are children. And the institution is a boarding school called Elite School. A prestigious and –as the name says it– elitist private school of international prestige, where the majority of the students belong to upper-class families from all around the world.
The boarding school welcomes boys and girls from 50 different countries, from elementary to high school. Although huge part of the student body has been part of Elite School from a young age, starting sophomore year, the institution offers a financial aid program for low-income students with a high academic level of achievement or high athletic development. Strangely enough, none of the financial-aid students has ever managed to graduate from Elite High. Why? Simple, a secret organization of students that goes by the name of “The Lodge” has used all kind of dirty resources to force these students to drop school, claiming that only those who are part of the elite deserve the privilege to be part of Elite High School.
The authorities of Elite School seem to find easier to overlook all these incidents and this year nothing is expected to change. Will the scholarship minority survive to The Lodge’s tactics?
Drama is always bound to happen when teenagers are involved, add money, intrigues and daily life problems. Who said that being part of the Elite was easy?"

- Don’t use any sites models. Models, actors and singers are welcome but avoid one direction, Disney actors and the like.
- When adding characteristics to your girl/boy please don’t create a Mary Sue.
- Participate in our events. We won’t ask you to make sets daily but at least once per week. Keep the group active ♥
- Collaborate (plot) with each other and keep it fun.
- Keep the drama within the stories~
- PM the moderators if you have any questions.

THE NON PLAYABLE CHARACTERS (Teachers and School Staff):
THE SCHOOL (Campus and Facilities):
YEAR (sophomore, junior, senior)
(And just in case, your second choice of character pick)



"Justice? you get justice in the next world. In this world you have the law"
New York City
Once a group of friends from Cornell Law School, they all have grown up to become successful lawyers. Some of them have climbed the ladder of success by their own means, some have been handed it on a silver platter, but they all have made it big: prosecutors, prominent activists, congressmen, judges, chief legal officers -you name it-.
All along, they've managed to keep those friendships (and enmities) close, but what will happen when an old secret, that could potentially blown up their careers, threatens to be exposed to the public eye? As they desperately try to find a way to stop their secret to be revealed, inevitably they'll get involved in a endless circle of scandals, betrayal and mystery.

They're well known for their skills in the legal world, but will they be able to keep their secret hidden and their reputations clean without breaking the law?

a. Resume to models and actors/actresses.
b. Try to make your characters as realistic as possible (I know this is fiction, but creating flawless characters with perfect lives is a little bit overrated).
c. Be active! We all have a life but don't disappear without notice or dump the RP without telling me. That being said, you don't need to stress about the quantity of sets you publish as long as you keep up with the rest of members of the group.
d. Do not copy others! Come up with your own ideas and keep the drama within the roleplay.
e. Any rating is allowed, but warn and make sure everyone's comfortable with it. Try not to include too much violence or s.ex in the stories (or include a warning if you do)
FULL NAME, AGE. (Ages in between 25-30 years)
Face Claim:
Family and Relationships:
EXTRA -optional-

Korean Boys

Korean Boys

Korean boys, Korean boys, Korean boys! We love them, right? So this is a group for them (and for us)! :)
This group not only about just the famous boys (example: G-Dragon, Donghae, Key...), We want other boys! Singer, actor, model, dancer, rapper, comedian... doesn't matter! Young or old... doesn't matter!
We have only one condition: they have to be Korean, That's all :)
We allow boys, who aren't Korean, but they live or work in Korea. (Nichkhun, Hangeng...)

Korean Fashion Challenge + Korean Dolls

Korean Fashion Challenge + Korean Dolls

Inspired by Korean MVs, dramas and shows, 50 themed challenge for all k pop lovers! :D
(keep in mind that each f activity your are going to do with kpop idol of your choice - your sets must include at least one doll of kpop idol and preferably a doll of "you")
1. Sleep in a tent
2. Go for a bike ride
3. Watch the sunrise
4. Build a blanket&pillow fort
5. Have a disney movies marathon
6. Go on a breakfast date
7. Dance in the rain
8. Buy matching sunglasses
9. Go strawberry picking
10. Dye a streak of your hair
11. Collect seashells
12. Go horseback riding
13. Eat a watermelon
14. Go on double date
What would you wear if you were:
1. Invited to wild party with GD&TOP
2. Making a parody with 2AM
3. Masquerade ball with Rania
4. Riding a bicycle with Son Dam Bi and Heechul
5. Making pranks with 4Minute [Heart to heart MV]
6. Running in high heels like Baek Ji Young
7. Going to a retro party with T-ara
8. Figure skating with Krystal
9. Dance competition with Miss A
10. Spending day on a beach with The Boss
11. Roadtrip with Changmin and Lee Hyun
12. Going shopping with SNSD
13. Performing fairytale for kids with Orange Caramel
14. Singing in the rain with B2ST
15. Visiting a farm with Mir
16. Cooking with Key
17. Attending yoga class with Thunder
18. Having English lesson with Dongho
19. Going to fashion show with 2NE1
20. Going to a Black&white themes party with G.Na
21. Visiting midnight circus with Sunny Hill
22. Enjoying karaoke with IU and Wooyoung
23. Walking dog with Taeyang
24. Flight on a plane with Sistar
25. Attending school with Super Junior [Attack on the Pin Up Boys]
26. Flying hot air balloon with Secret
27. Trying to impress your crush with Girl’s Day
28. Killing ninjas with Rain
29. Meeting aliens with Lee Hyori [and singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to welcome them^^]
30. Singing Trot with Daesung
31. Visiting Wonderland with Seungri
32. Going to a swimming pool party with 2PM
33. Sightseeing in Thailand with Khun
34. Attending Oh! My School! (100 points out of 100)
35. Celebrating Christmas with JYP nation
36. Unpacking in new apartment with Kim Hyun Joong (Gummy’s MV)
37. Visiting beauty shop with Hongki
38. Taking guitar lesson with C.N Blue
39. A maid of honor at Se7en and Park Han Byul’ s wedding
40. Taking care of a baby with SHINee
41. Attending sport competition with Dream Team
42. Looking ‘So Hot’ with Wonder Girls
43. Performing at Kirin Art School [Dream High]
44. Hosting year’s end show with Heechul
45. Winning a movie award with Kang Dong Won
46. To seduce a makane
47. Working at Coffee Prince
48. Eating cakes in Antique Bakery
49. Trip to Hawaii with Bekah
50. Going on a dream date with your ultimate bias!

Hall of Fame:
@chomiczynka -->
@hellounicorn -->
@maybones -->
@nyamnyam -->
@couver -->
@superstar-k -->
@dinoburger -->
@sharita -->
@checkmybrain -->
@sparsile -->
Part 2:
What would you wear if you were:
1. Tea party at doll house [Nine Muses – Dolls/Tiny G – Minimanimo]
2. Fighting shoulder to shoulder with you friend [DMTN – Safety Zone]
3. In mirror labyrinth [4Minute – Mirror Mirror/ZE:A – Phoenix]
4. Going on a car date [Sistar19 – Gone]
5. Going on a date with younger boy [BoA – Disturbance]
6. Meeting ‘vampires’ from other planet [Vixx – On and On]
7. An assassin [so many MVs:P]
8. Modern Dr. Frankenstein [kind of inspired by MFBTY – Sweet Dreams]
9. Visiting country club [2Yoon – 24/7]
10. Meeting ‘dark angel’[Jaejoong – Mine]
11. Trying to impress ‘special boy’ [Infinite H – Special Girl ]
12. Getting lost in secret garden [Juniel’s MVs, B1A4 – Try to Walk]
13. Cooking with your boyfriend [Nicole – Lost; Sunggyu – 60 sec]
14. Drinking coffee in room filled with antique furniture [Yoseob – Caffeine]
15. Riding train with Infinite
16. Auditioning in front of Junsu [FIESTAR – Vista]
17. Sitting blindfolded and waiting for him [of course in bricked room^^; Roh Ji Hoon – Punishment]
18. Visiting New York with Big Bang
19. Dancing with Younique/Tasty
20. Going to retro movies [Lee Ha Yi – 1,2,3,4]
21. Visiting ‘Crayon-land’[GD]
22. Selling ice creams [Hyuna – Ice Cream]
23. Dancing to Gangnam Style
24. Shopping in haunted (with cute kids) store [Epik High – Don’t Hate Me]
25. Stealing mysterious briefcase [Block B - NILLILI MAMBO]
26. Showing off in front of guy who didn’t notice you earlier [Ailee – I’ll Show You]
27. Trying to look more boyish [Miss A – I Don’t Need A Man]
28. Dressing up as female character from a movie [AoA – Get Out]
29. Seducing a detective [Secret – Poison]
30. Playing ping pong [Orange Caramel – Lipstick]
31. Living in world of T-ara’s ‘Sexy Love’/’Day by Day’ MVs
32. Visiting zoo with B.A.P [Crash]
33. Having fun on beach with Infinite
34. Bowling with Teen Top [Be Ma Girl]
35. Going on summer trip with Sistar
36. Dancing in flashmob with Wonder Girls
37. A monster [Big Bang]
38. Classmate with JJ Project/Bang Young Guk&Zelo [Bounce/Never Give Up]
39. Going on night motorcycle ride [Infinite – The Chaser]
40. Warrior [from the same planet as B.A.P is]
41. Visiting museum at night [Shinee – Sherlock]
42. Using Time Machine [SNSD – Time Machine, any MV with retro theme,like GaIn’s]
43. Escaping from prison [Teen Top - Miss Right]
44. College student at EXO Academy
45. Bad Girl [Lee Hyori's Bad Girl]
46. Lost in a jungle [Wonder Boyz - Tarzan]
47. Miss Korea
48. Acting in silent film [IU - Red Shoes]
49. Robbing a bank [Block B - Very Good]
50. Spending white or colorful Christmas [Bom&Hi - All I Want For Christmas...; SHINee - Colorful]

Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS!!

Bangtan Sonyeondan BTS!!

My dear ARMY's here you can post your sets obviously just our babies (ONLY BTS)
Battle of ARMY's - OVER// BTS Challenge arrive!

BTS Challenge - You can do it with doll or fashion set as you want! hope you Enjoy do it the challenge:
1.A cooking dinner with Jin
2.Play video games with V
3.Evening reading with Hope
4.Walking through street with Jungkook
5.Study night with Namjoon
6.Picnic day with Suga
7.Amusement park/festival with Jimin.
8.House hunting/shopping with Namjoon
9.Going to the beach Jin
10.Adopting a pet with V
11.Touring the city with Hope
12.Photo day with Suga
13.Traveling to L.A with Jungkook
14.Home day with Jimin
15.Bangtan Party
Battle of the ARMY's
1st place: Team Hope (J-hope) -- 819 points
2nd Place: Team Sugar (Suga) -- 805 points
3rd place Team Destruction (RapMon)-774points
4th place- Team Alien (V) 682 points
5th place Team Princess (Jin) -- 674 points
6th place Team Doly (Jimin) -- 533 points
7th place Team Cookies (Jungkook) -- 434 points

The Golden Lie

The Golden Lie

"You do anything for a dime
Looking for the golden lie"
— Marina & the Diamonds, Hollywood
On March 28th 2017, seven actresses find themselves sitting in a tiny corridor – white papers gripped behind their small, recently manicured fingers. The corridor is completely quiet, other than the occasional mumbling that some would easily define as a one actress’ attempt in rehearsing her lines.
The girls throw glances at one another from time to time. Glances that are so small and yet hugely observant. They eye one other from head to toe -- from the expensive shoes of the wealthy girl in the back to the frumpy waitress uniform of the girl in the front.
They have all received the call back. A gesture so small and insignificant to an A-Lister and yet so important and full of hopes for someone of their caliber. No, they are not struggling actors. At least not all of them, but they have managed to gain a somewhat of a reputation in Hollywood and this part is just the thing that will help them branch out. Or at least help them start their dream career.
A Darren Aronofsky film starring an underrated actress from their batch? Phenomenal. An actress playing a complicated character like Evelyn Specter? Groundbreaking. Having the same film and performance being nominated for a prestigious award? A dream they all wish it would come true.
But then something devastating happens. After hours upon hours of staying in that corridor, waiting for their turn, these actresses befriend one another and eventually go inside that room and audition for a role they will one day call their ‘favorite one so far’. Only to receive that dreaded message a few hours later, “Jennifer Lawrence got the roll in the new Darren Aronofsky film”.
“Well of course she did. She is sleeping with him, isn’t she?” A lot of the young women think.
But their journey doesn’t stop here, as they come to terms of their current so called situation and decide to finally change several things. Whether that is their lifestyle or wardrobe, they are going to spice things up and sign a couple of PR contracts in order to have the rumor mill talk about them once and for all.
. . .
Evelyn Specter; The main character in Darren Aronofsky’s new film Orphan. The movie is as dark and gritty as a Aronofsky film can get and the role isn’t so far from it. Abandoned by her parents at the tender age of five, Evelyn has only had herself. After a carefree night out during her teen years, she is r.aped by a group of rich young men who her new equally rich friends have introduced her to prior the events. Seven years later, Evelyn is now in her twenties, and she vows revenge upon those who have hurt her both mentally and physically. I.e. she is going to kill them all.
In an interview, Aronofsky calls the film a mix of ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ and ‘La Femme Nikita’. The character on other hand is a complex young woman, whose personality shifted as her situation in life changed. She’s manipulative and charming -- owns traits that will most likely belong to a sociopath and likes to be in control of any situation that she is in. Evelyn is no light character, she is a force to be reckoned and there is certainly no happy ending her for, even after she finally gets what she always wanted: revenge.
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1. This is a High Fashion Role Play, so the usual HF rules apply.
2.This is a story related roleplay. So if you prefer comment roleplays, this group might not be the one for you.
3. There will be monthly events. We are aware that people are fairly busy with school, university, real life stuff and work, so I am not going to push it. But, it will be nice if people are active and eventually catch up with events and etc.
4. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission.
5. Tag everyone in your sets.
6. Drama always plays an important role. Just make sure that it stays in the roleplay.
7. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the mod.
8. And most importantly have fun!
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Name, age
(birthday | zodiac sign)
Career so far:
What she is willing to do for her career:
What she wants from her career:
Relationship status:
Important people:
(explain how your character felt during the day of the audition, what she thought about the other actresses, about the character she was auditioning for and her career so far in general.)
Top Three:
Social Media:

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